Material Symbols Icons for Flutter: A Comprehensive Guide


With the continuous evolution of Flutter and the demand for visually appealing, high-quality icons in mobile applications, integrating Google's Material Symbols Icons into your Flutter project has become a must-have for developers. The `material_symbols_icons` package by hiveright.tech offers a seamless way to incorporate these icons into your Flutter applications, providing a wide range of options for customization and compatibility with future Flutter updates.

Flutter: Simplifying API Calls with Retrofit and Dio


As a Flutter developer, an essential part of your job is to fetch, send, and manage data from an API. Retrofit and Dio are two libraries that can make this task more manageable. In this article, i will guide you on setting up a Retrofit client in your Flutter application.

Making Texts Selectable in Your Flutter Web App


Flutter is a powerful framework for building cross-platform mobile and web applications. When developing Flutter web apps, you may encounter situations where you want to allow users to select and copy text displayed on the screen.